IDC's exhibit booth at EDIT - Expo for Design, Innovation and Technology

Location: Toronto, ON

Thibodeau Architecture + Design and  our Vancouver office’s senior interior designer, Phil Wong, designed and constructed an installation project for IDC’s exhibit booth at EDIT – Expo for Design, Innovation, and Technology in Toronto.  This ground-breaking inaugural festival is produced by Design Exchange, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme.

The theme of the installation “‘Prosperity for all – but who is the one to nourish prosperity” aims to provoke and encourage people to think about what they can do as individuals to contribute to the greater concept of prosperity.

The design concept is inspired by Hong Kong’s renowned ‘Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees”. Some 700 years ago, during festivals, villagers would toss paper high into trees and make wishes. The higher the branch the paper landed on, the more likely the wish would come true.

Our design replicates this act of tossing paper and involves delicate crepe paper, penned sentiments and the act of giving. Our goals are to generate an impactful participation from attendees, to promote awareness of the subject of prosperity, to define it, and to trigger discussions on how the act of seeking prosperity impacts our daily lives.


Team Members

Phil Wong
Carly Norris